Your first step to being a New Cambridge Education Centre Student


  1. All students who wish to enrol at New Cambridge Education Centre on a  full-time or part time basis are required to fill in an application form and a  student contract form. 
  2. The student will have to provide the Institute with his or her International   Passport / DependantPass / StudentPass.
  3. The applicant will have to furnish additional documents and information whenever necessary.
  4. All forms are to be duly completed and signed by the applicant, if the  applicant is below the age of 16, the parent or guardian will have to sign on the student’s behalf. No part of the form should be left blank and  incomplete. If any section or part of the form is not applicable, it should be filled as \'Nil\' or \'Not Applicable\' (N.A). 
  5. Once the student has paid the School fees and the Registration fees, the administrative staff will take a photograph of the student. The student will also receive a student file and two notebooks.