I studied in NCEDU since I was in Singapore in late 2012, for me NCEDU is like my second home as I grew with the care of all the teachers here. It is definitely a difficult time for me when I came, as I had very little English background to begin with.

Most of the time I am in Ms Dolly's class, she is an experienced and fun teacher. The first few months I was scared of her as she is a strict teacher. As time flies, the relationship between Ms Dolly and I got closer, we get to joke in classes, I share my school life with her, and I will approach her for personal questions as well.

I took AEIS twice, first time after about 3 months studying here and second time about a year later. When I did not get in first time, Ms Dolly encouraged me and pushed me to continue my journey of studying in Singapore.

I proceed to continue studying English when I got into a Government school, Ms Dolly taught me how to answer comprehension questions and how to write a proper essay. It was really a hard time, as English is the most important subject for O level students. I am not too proud my result, I only gotten a C5 for English. It is definitely not a good result, but I am satisfied as I passed English.

Currently I am studying in Nanyang Junior College as a second year student, I am still studying General Paper with Ms Dolly, and hopefully I can get a more commendable result for my GP in November this year.


My fruitful six years long journey in New Cambridge Education Centre started when I was in Secondary 1. Back then, I was weak in English. Writing essays and doing comprehensions was a struggle for me. That grew into a dislike for English classes in school. However, everything changed after I enrolled into New Cambridge Education Centre’s English tuition.

Through the engaging and enriching English classes facilitated by Ms Dolly, an experienced teacher, I began to find the joy in learning English. Under the guidance of the Ms Dolly, my vocabularies rapidly expanded and I was able to tackle comprehension questions with much ease. Through engaging and insightful class discussions, I managed to see a broader perspective of issues and the world at large. That had sharpened my critical thinking skills, and the way I look at the world. Aside from what was required by the academic syllabus, which consists of mainly reading, comprehending and writing, I am grateful that my pronunciation and articulation of words greatly improved.

To me, I feel that what makes New Cambridge Education Centre such a great place to study at is its conducive teaching and learning environment. With dedicated teachers who hope for the best in every student, rules that ensure a favourable learning environment and a small class size for tailored learning to take place, it is no wonder why students excel in their studies. Aside from preparing students for the academic rigour required, I think this wonderful learning environment can equip its students with useful practices and skills that are beneficial for life.


When I first step into the O level class at New Cambridge, I hardly spoke and felt lost at all times, as all newcomers would. However, I found myself getting better in coping with the school education system in a few lessons, much faster than I thought. It is partly because we had to come 3 times a week- 2 days for the lesson and 1 day for memory work, but it was mostly because of the kind and warm attention from my teacher, Ms Dolly. She had always been there to help the students readily, those who were weak in both comprehension and composition. Yes, apart from getting integrated with the class so fast, I was able to speak more fluently and my English grade was climbing rapidly, from a fail to a pass, and to a B grade. This can be done because there are an uncountable number of synonym, phrases and compositions that were required to memorise. These memory works are totally significant for foreign students because we are truly unaware of the words that we are supposed to know by our age, and we have got to compose a story when we do composition with our limited word usage. This is why we needed to work so hard for the memory work. The hard work paid off when we did our school examinations. Not that great yet, I was proud of myself to see the B4 for my English subject in my report book. When I got into Secondary 4 in 2008, it was the happiest birthday. When my birthday neared, I received the best gift, I scored an A1 for my English composition! The joy was inexplicable. That was when I gained confidence in myself and worked harder for the GCE O level. However, when the O level approached, I was so worried about my Combined Humanity subject, which I had never passed before up till the preliminary exam. I was so worried, I neglected memorising synonyms, phrases and compositions. That is part of the reason that brought my O level English Grade to B3 from a distinction.English is something you must do every day, not only when there is tuition on that day. I remembered Ms Dolly saying while I regretted, with my O level result slip in my hands. The lesson learned here is that you can bring a donkey to the lakeside, but you cannot force it to drink water. You have to be matured and see your problem area, then work on it to make improvements.


Going to New Cambridge has been a very refreshing experience for me. The teachers and staff there are really special and they have made an impact in my life. They have helped me cut down on my bad habit of using Singlish and I must their encouragement have really helped me to be who I really am today. At New Cambridge, it is not only about studies that mattered. Attitude is also another key factor. They taught me basic courtesy which I took for granted. They made me understand the importance of my parents in my life.

The teachers and staff are like friends to me. You can rely on them to share your problem. They would be the listening ears and would readily give advice when I was going through the problem.

Lessons at New Cambridge was never boring and I somehow always looked forward to the next lesson. Ms Dolly taught me English, but I can say honestly, she not only taught me just English, she also taught me many things about the world. There would always be interesting facts to learn and all the general knowledge had built me quite a bit over the lessons with Ms Dolly.

My English O level results is a B3 and it was unexpected. Ever since Secondary 1, I always barely passed English. I was in New Cambridge for about 7 months. I wonder what my results would have been if I had joined earlier. New Cambridge is a very conducive environment to learn, study and even play. The friends I have made are very lovely people and they do really come from all over the world. Nothing beats spending time at New Cambridge. Although I have graduated, I still go back to help out.

When one steps into New Cambridge Education Centre, not only will you have a great time, you will also not regret it if you have the right attitude towards your studies. Why do I phrase it like this? Because I have been through this, and I want to spread the joy!


The starting point - Once again since ages I was faced with a wide and thick concrete wall which one would call a dead end. It was during my first year in Chai Chee Secondary, I was in Secondary Two normal class. I realised that at this rate, no matter how well I scored for my other subject, the possibility of me going to an express class would still be low. English was one of my primary concerns at that time, as there was so much to do, yet so little time to learn. Things had been looking rather hard since my knowledge of English was barely, and to rub salt to injury. I was felt with less than five months to bring myself afloat somehow. However, in the hardest time one experiences, there is always a glimpse of hope.

New Path - With a solid mindset to go forward, I took New Cambridge's guidance and never turned back. It was then that I encountered Ms Dolly, the one who took me under her wings despite how incapable I was in English. Ms Dolly mentored me in a unique yet flexible method on how to do well for my weakest section, the comprehension. When I looked around me, I realised the fact that in New Cambridge's class, I was not the only one who needed to learn the way to study English efficiently. So I braced myself together with the rest to embark on the long journey of learning English.

Building Process - As time went by I managed to stay and catch up with the class work and studies. It was hard and tiring, but I knew that every second that I used to study what Ms Dolly asked is always worth it and it will never go to the drain. My first year ended with flying colours, as I achieved a B3 for my English from my previous failing grade. However, with the time that I spent in class pass by, I learnt not only to get to know New Cambridge's staff, I also attained precious friendship with other students. It was during that very journey that I learnt to become more of a human in doing things and the manner in speaking. Even the outdoor classes had taught me quite a number of lessons about how important it is to be bound to nature, and there truly is nothing like playing with your friends in a vast open field filled with the green scent of freshly cut grass. Skipping and screaming in exhilaration while learning how to play, study and interact with one another. Through it, I learnt the true meaning of what it means to be more sociable and knowing that obtaining a good grade is not the only thing that matters in life.

The New Beginning - Finally the time to prove myself, my work and what I had learnt in the past two and half years had come. I had managed to find a door and little by little the cloud and fog that surrounded my uncertainty had vanished completely. You have given me another important lesson that at the end of the day, it is I the only one who can open up my future through your guidance as well as others beside me. I have to go on and move onwards as my journey has not yet to come to an end. Yes, this is only the beginning for me and myself.