Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

I invite you to join us at New Cambridge Education Centre to discover The Road to Excellence. At New Cambridge Education Centre everystudents’is seen as a precious young plant who needs constant nurturing and care in order to grow into a sturdy tree. Our goal is to aid our student’s not only in academic excellence, but also in their personal development. This is realised through a team of caring and dedicated staff and teachers’ who work together to support each student’s learning endeavours..

We see to it that our teachers’ are trained in both teaching Standard English and in engaging students’in the classroom. Sending our teachers’ for courses to upgrade themselves is a priority at our centre. I personally believe that those who teach must keep learning and not be afraid of changes.

He who dares to teach must never cease to learn. - Author Unknown

At New Cambridge Education Centre our aim is to help our students master the English language, an ongoing effort, which requires consistent learning & constant upgrading. We hope any student embarking on a course with us will enjoy learning and be able to use their new found skills to reap benefits and gain success.

I would like to conclude by welcoming each and every one of you on this exciting journey of learning and discovering The Road to Excellence.

New Cambridge Education Centre seeks to encourage in its students’ the ability for independent and thinking in English by educating them using visual and audio skills. We further seek to give students opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary for pursuing their studies; and also to instill in them an interest in life-long learning. New Cambridge Education Centre is committed to excellence in learning English. Therefore, it seeks to provide an optimal environment in which the Centre and students’ can mutually search for, assess and acquire the knowledge, skills, virtues and understanding necessary for an enjoyable of learning the English language. Not only do we focus on our students’acquiring good academic results, we also see to their growth as anindividual.

I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to New Cambridge Education Centre. Let me share my passion for learning language, it goes a long way back to my Primary and Secondary school days. Fond memories of my beloved teachers’ in school come flooding back; it was their dedication that has ignited a spark in me, which in turn has transformed into a burning passion for learning and teaching the English language. I have been greatly inspired by my teachers' patience, care and concern for their students’. Their love and passion for teaching was evident, theseteachers’ always went the extra mile for weaker students’. Hence, I was inspired to teach, to make a difference to each life that is entrusted in my hands. My desire to be a teacher at the age of 15 has brought me thus far in the education field.

Language to me is a tool that helps us to communicate and express ourselves to the people around us. It is also a fundamental key to exchanging information. In my opinion, I see theteachers’as the key element in a classroom to enhance learning; it is in the hands of the teachers’ if students’ will see learning to be enjoyable.

I came across the quote below by Ms Ho Peng, Director General of Education, Ministry of Education (she was a director April 2009 to March 2015), it reiterates my belief of teaching.

“If learning is perceived to be both fun and enjoyable it would help set the child on a journey of life- long learning.”

With Warmest Regards

Dolly Shanti