New Cambridge Education Centre

New Cambridge Education Centre is registered with Committee for Private Education CPE (200508764H) (16th May 2021 to 15th May 2025). It is a specialised language centre providing English Language for all ages.



We are successful because:
  • New Cambridge Education Centre provides a conducive and safe environment for learning.
  • New Cambridge Education Centre gives constructive feedback on students’ performance regularly in class.
  • New Cambridge Education Centre conducts regular maintenance of facilities by the facilities maintenance agent to minimise the frequency of breakdown.
  • New Cambridge Education Centre has adequate and relevant facilities and infrastructure to meet students' learning needs and well-being.
  • New Cambridge Education Centre ensures that the facilities are well-maintained to support a conducive teaching and learning environment.
  • Our pupil-centred teaching material.
  • Our small student-teacher ratio (9:1), (10:1 ), (12:1).
  • Our well qualified, experienced & in-house trained teachers who teach with dedication and passion.
  • Close co-operation between parents & teachers through regular parent-teacher meeting.
  • A library that boasts a wide and good collection of books.
  • Our convenient location.
  • Bimonthly tests on the 2nd and 4th weeks of every month. 
  • High quality academic standards and high PSLE & ‘O' level rate
  • Our quarterly Feedbacks from students
  • A Photocopy machine that allows teachers to copy any extra materials for students
  • We engage a weekly cleaning service, a team that comes to clean the school to ensure cleanliness
  • We have 2 newly renovated toilets
  • We provide our students with a drinking water dispenser.